Our Core Values and Guiding Principles


An outgrowth of Faith is our Framework for Ministry

We Value Spiritual Integrity
We will use the Bible as the guide for our decisions and instruction, policies and practice. Our speakers and teachers will be selected for consistency with our Mission and Faith statements. All that we do and all whom we serve will be guided by prayer.

We Value the Working of the Holy Spirit
We seek the presence of the Holy Spirit to empower all areas of camp ministry through our speakers, teachers, worship, personal ministry and prayer.

We Value Christian Community
Christian community is ordained by God for the purpose of providing teaching, encouragement and the sharing of God’s love. Therefore, we value the opportunity to experience Christian community through worship and praise, teaching and activities that are conducive to developing relationships with Christ.

We Value the Family
The family is an institution ordained by God. Therefore, we value a place where all people come together in a safe environment that strengthens the family and includes the solitary.

We Value Those We Serve
While guided by the theology of Martin Luther, we will honor the Christian traditions of others, understanding that we are all working as fellow laborers of God. Therefore, we will always seek to honor those whom we serve, listening carefully to their needs and treating them with respect and love.

We Value Excellence
We will strive for excellence, offering Christ the very best we can, understanding that it is all given to the glory of God. Therefore, we will strive to provide fresh, creative and reliably high quality camps.

We Value Quality Leadership
The leadership of Camp MountainGlory! is accountable to God through each other. Therefore, we will humbly serve with Christian integrity in upholding the Word in all our actions and deeds as Christ first served us.